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DoodleBoard is an infinite canvas with built-in doodle styles for visual thinking, note-taking and presentations
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Why visual thinking? Why DoodleBoard?

Why visual thinking is important?

  • By default we use words to explain things. But words are ineffective. Remember the moment when you struggled to explain a complex idea to someone?
  • The fact is that our brain is not good at using words, most of the brain is dedicated to visual processing. So using a visual form for your thinking, you can be more productive and creative.

Why use DoodleBoard for visual thinking?

  • Many people are not good at drawing, maybe including you. Drawing on paper is not productive, even for a pro drawer.
  • Most softwares are not designed specially for visual thinking.So maybe you are the one who understand the value of visual thinking, but don't know where to start and how to start.
  • We understand these pain points, so we create DoodleBoard as a cure.
How it works?
Step1: Transform complex idea to DoodleBoard with basic shapes
Step2: Connect concepts with arrows and links
Step3: Enrich your "thinking" with figures and elements
Step4: Iterate your visual form of thinking to the "truth"
Let's see some examples
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